To ask a question, use the Question publisher.

When you click into the question bar, the publisher automatically expands:

  1. In the "Question" field, type in a summary of your question in the form of a full sentence.
  2. In the "Details" field, type in the additional details of your question. You may also @mention someone or a group by using the @ key to ensure that the person or group will be notified. Use rich text to mark up your text, such as bold, italics, underline, numbered lists and ordered lists. You can even insert an image into your post.
  3. In the "Add Topic" field, you may add additional topics that may be relevant to your question.
  4. You may also attach up to five files to your question.
  5. @mention someone or a group in the "Details" field.

Then, hit the "Ask" button.

When you ask a question on SHARE, it goes into a knowledge base that SHARE automatically curates. As more questions are asked, the more likely you may find answers to a similar question that has been asked in the past.

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