LEARN is an interactive training platform for you to learn how to support customers to achieve their goals. 

  • Complete self-paced lessons
  • Access powerful coaching tools
  • Review sector specific content
  • Earn core content and specialty certifications

LEARN Landing Page 

Your LEARN landing page provides an overview of the lessons and summarizes your progress through them.

Core and Specialty Lessons 

The financial security content in LEARN is divided into core and specialty lessons. Because the specialty lessons are built on the foundation of core lessons, we recommend that you complete the core lessons first before moving on to the specialty content.

To unlock specialty lessons, complete all of the core lesson quizzes in that section.

LEARN Dashboard

My Core Progress

The progress tracker indicates how many core quizzes you have completed.

Completing every single core quiz will award you with a certificate, which you can use to print or add to your LinkedIn profile.

As you complete specialty quizzes, your certificate will display specialty badges that include the specializations you have completed.

My Specialty Badges 

As you complete a specialty quiz, the corresponding badge to a Section will then light up under the "My Specialty Badges" widget in the LEARN dashboard.

A number that appears next to the lit up badge indicates how many specialty quizzes you have completed for that Section.

Up Next 

Depending on your current quiz progress, the Up Next widget displays the next suggested lesson you should take.

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