Your profile is your public face in the Change Machine community. Upload your profile picture and tell us about your background, organization, and how other people can get in touch with you!

You may also click on this link: to access your profile directly.

View My Profile

1. Click on "My Profile" in the Change Machine header

Your profile is easily accessed from any page within Change Machine by clicking on the "My Profile" link in the Change Machine header.

Enter Your Profile Information

1. Fill in your personal information under Contact Information and About Me

Fill in your contact information, title, and a short summary of your background so the Change Machine Community knows who you are.

2. Click "Save" When You Are Done

You can edit this information at any time by returning to your profile.

Tip: If you want your phone number to appear on your personalized tipsheet handouts, you should enter it here on your profile.

Add a Profile Photo

1. Click on your profile photo

2. Select a Photo to Upload as Your Profile Photo

Click "Choose File" and select the image you'd like to use from your computer.

Then, click Save.

3. Adjust Thumbnail Profile Photo and Click Save

The thumbnail photo is the view of your profile picture that will appear next to your posts in SHARE.

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