Accessing your profile settings

1. Click on SHARE in the Change Machine Header

2. Click on your name on the top-right

3. Click on "My Settings"

4. My Settings Page

The My Settings page summarizes all of the different settings you have control over.

  • Account: Update your email address or change your password here.
  • Location: Set your timezone to see all of the SHARE posts with the time/date stamp that corresponds to your timezone.
  • Profile Visibility: Choose whether to make your profile public to guests who are not logged into the community.
  • Email Notifications: Control the frequency and events that would trigger a notification email from Change Machine's SHARE activity.

Change My Email Address and Password

Under the "Account" section:

  • To update your email address, type in your email address in the "Email Address" field.
  • To change your password, click on the "Change Password" link. Then, type in your current password, followed by the new password twice and hit "Save".

Tip: Changing your username will change the email address that all Change Machine communications are sent to.

Change My Time Zone

Change Machine's default time zone is Eastern Standard Time.

You can change your timezone so that all of the time stamps on SHARE posts appear in your local time.

1. Under "Location", click on the "Time Zone" field.

2. Select Your Time Zone from the Time Zone List

Then, click the "Save" button at the top or bottom.

Control Your Profile Visibility

By default, your profile is not made public.

To make your profile visible to guests who are not logged into the community, check the "Make profile public" field.

Configure My Email Settings

You're in full control of when you receive automated emails from SHARE.

Choose Which Activities You Want to be Emailed About

For each activity in SHARE, simply tick the checkbox to indicate which activities you want an email notification for. These email notifications are sent immediately.

Tip: You will receive daily digests at midnight each night and weekly group digests on Saturdays at midnight.

Opt Out of All SHARE Emails

Change Machine has a high level checkbox to opt out from all automated SHARE notifications. 

Uncheck the "Receive emails" checkbox to unsubscribe from all automated SHARE notifications.

Tip: You will no longer receive summary emails of SHARE content or notifications when another community member interacts with you on SHARE.

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