The Outcomes tab allows you to identify trends and view the progress of a customer over time. The values located in the Outcomes tab are not refreshed automatically and can be customized by the administrator to update based on your organization's needs.

You may opt to refresh this information for your organization at a particular frequency. To do this, navigate to the Change Machine App in the App Launcher on the upper left. Select the tab labeled "Refresh Cash Values and Outcomes", identify what you would like to update, select the day and time in which you would like to schedule updates, and save using the corresponding "Schedule value updates" button at the bottom of the page to save the request.

Once you save your update request, the outcome values or cash values will update at the upcoming date and time that was requested.

Note: You will always be able to cancel any scheduled updates before the date/time requested by selecting the “Cancel Upcoming Jobs” button.

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