To begin creating a new custom action or trail, navigate to the Change Machine Configuration App located in the App Launcher, located in the upper left of the window. The App Launcher is represented by nine dots in the formation of a square.

In this window, you are able to create custom actions or trails.

Creating a new custom action

To create a new action, select the "Create New Action" button on the left navigation menu.

Select from one of the six financial security areas (Goals, Assets, Banking, Credit, Debt or Taxes) to categorize the action type, and add a custom tool, if relevant. After a few moments, you will be able to view the newly created action in the Change Machine App ready to use!

Creating a new custom trail

Trails are a series of action steps dedicated towards achieving a particular goal. To create a new trail, navigate to the "Trails" tab above located next to "Action and Tools."

You will be prompted to enter specific information regarding this trail allowing other users to understand when to use this custom item.

When creating a custom trail, you are able to add a series of actions to automatically appear when the trail is activated for a customer.

Viewing an action / trail

Navigate to the Change Machine App and select the customer you wish to add the custom action and/or trail. Navigate to their Goals sections and within an existing trail, select "Add Action".

To view a custom trail, hover over the "+" button on the right side of the Action Plan and select "Add Trail". Identify the trail(s) you created and select "Save Trails".

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