Once you have entered a new goal, speak with your customer about what it would take to achieve that goal. What are the specific steps they need to take to make progress towards completing it? For example, if a person hopes to open their own landscaping business within the next year, some of the steps they will need to take may include saving for the initial costs, building their credit, taking out a small business loan, opening a business checking account, and so forth.

You can enter action steps by clicking on the “Add Action” section in the corresponding goal. Scroll through the list of potential action steps that appear on the left. You can also search the list by entering a keyword, such as "Credit" in the search bar.

Adding an action

You may add more than one action step at a time and click "Save Actions". Once the applicable action steps are added, you can edit them by clicking on the Notes icon, which allows you to adjust the action step in the following ways:

You can adjust the status of an action step to:

  • “On Deck” if this is a step that is something that should happen in the future
  • “Doing” if the customer is currently working on this step
  • “Next Meeting” if the action step is something you plan to tackle the next time you meet with the customer
  • “Completed” if the action step has been completed.

Action Due Date (optional)

You can enter a date by which time the customer should plan to complete this action step.


Enter any notes or context for the action step in this section.

Notice that each action steps' "Notes" section includes links to tip sheets and worksheets that you can use with your customer to help accomplish that action.

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