The Goals tab - which includes the Action Plan - will be the first page you see each time you access a customer's record. This page will help you facilitate goal-setting with your customer, as well as to map out the action steps needed to achieve that goal. Setting an action-driven goal early in the coaching process can help motivate your customer.

You can view this page either as a list of your customer's goals and their corresponding actions ("Goal List View") or as an Action Plan where actions are organized in columns ("Action Plan").

  • The "Goal List View" is the default view when you open a customer’s individual contact record.
  • The “Action Plan View” allows you to focus on navigate actions for specific goals

The Action Plan view and the Goals List are available via toggles on the Action Plan.

Entering a Goal

To enter a goal, hover over the blue plus sign in the upper right corner of the Action Plan. Two dropdown icons will appear allowing you to select “Add a Goal” or “Add a Trail”.

Select “Add a Goal” and a pop-up will appear to add the Goal information.

In the Goal box, you are able to enter specific information about the customer's goal. The more specific you are, the more the goal will resonate with the customer and keep them motivated. The form includes the following fields:

I. Personal Goal Category:

Select from the dropdown list of potential goal categories, such as “Housing Purchase” or “Celebration”.

2. Goal Name:

Enter the name of your customer's goal. Action-driven goals should be forward-thinking, strengths-based and passionately-held. Examples include, "Vacation to Disneyland," and "New set of tires for the car".

3. Term:

Select whether the goal is a short term goal or a long term goal.

Tip: Together with your customer, decide whether the goal is something that can be achieved in the near future, such as paying off a utility bill, or something more long term, like purchasing a home.

4. Description:

Enter a description of the goal - make it as detailed and exciting as possible to keep your customer engaged in completing the corresponding action steps.

5. Status:

Select "In-Progress" to denote that your customer is actively working on this goal. Once they have achieved the goal, change the status to "Completed". Choose other status options as you see fit in the customer’s situation.

Once you have entered all of the information about the goal, click “Save” and it will appear in the list of goals of the customer’s individual contact record.

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