If you're having trouble locating the Change Machine App, follow these steps to find your way.

Are you logged into Salesforce yet?

If not, this is a good place to start. The Change Machine App is installed inside of your instance of Salesforce - think of it like an app on your phone. In order to use it, your phone needs to be on.

Login to Salesforce

I'm logged in, but don’t see the Change Machine App. Where is my App?

Head to the top left of your screen, and you'll see the App Launcher. It looks like nine dots that form a square. Go ahead and click that, and you'll see all the Apps you have access to. If we appear there, great - click, and you're off to the races.

If you do not see the App Launcher, chances are you are using the Salesforce Classic version. Please contact your System Administrator to support your transition to Salesforce Lightning version.

I've opened the App Launcher, but I don't see the Change Machine App?

Ah ha! If you can't see the App in the App Launcher, then you don't yet have the permissions you need to use it. Ask your Salesforce System Administrator to give you access. If s/he looks at you askance, ask them to "update your Permission Set to include Change Machine."

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