Adding a new User

1. Navigate to Setup. Setup is represented by a small gear icon in the top right corner.

2. Search for "Users" in the Quick find box found in the left navigation menu.

3. Select the "New User" button.

4. Complete user information.

5. If you would like the user to receive a notification, you may select the checkbox at the bottom (optional)

6. Save

7. Once the user is saved, navigate back into the user and scroll to the "Permission Set Assignments" section and add the following permissions:

  • CM Permission Set Template
  • CM System Permissions

Adding Twilio Permissions

  1. Add the following permission:
  • Twilio User

2. Search and select "Installed Packages" in the Setup: Quick Find search bar

3. Identify "Twilio for Salesforce" and select "Manage Licenses"

4. Add relevant users

5. Navigate to Twilio in the App Launcher

6. Scroll to the section labeled "Personal Phone Numbers" and add a new assignment. Note: Please contact Change Machine Support to provide available phone numbers.

7. Enter the user you would like to be assigned a phone number and the available phone number. Once the information is complete, select Save.

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