To ensure that low-income customers have access to high-quality, transparent products, Change Machine is excited to introduce a fintech recommendation feature, which enables practitioners to recommend vetted, tech-based financial products for their customers that help them achieve their financial goals.

The feature equips practitioners and their customers with the information they need to decide if a fintech product or service is right for them.

How It Works

As soon as you begin entering information about a customer, the platform immediately starts sorting through our list of vetted fintech products and services to identify those that might be suitable for that customer based on specific data entered about that person.

As you continue to enter more information about the customer's goals, action steps, and financial situation overtime, the system automatically updates to alert you to that relevant products have been identified for you to recommend.

Accessing Product Recommendations

Once the system has identified products that might be a good fit for your customer, you can see the full list of recommended products and services by navigating to the "Products" tab at the far lift in the customer record.

You can quickly review the products and what they offer by clicking on "View More Info" in the product tile.

A new display will appear to view more details about the product, how it works, and how we've evaluated it based on the Seal of Inclusivity. Read more about how products are vetted and evaluated here.

If you decide the product might be a good option to talk through with your customer, click "Add Product" to add as a Matched Product as a reminder to discuss this as an option with your customer. If it seems like the product is not a good fit, click "x" in the top right corner to remove the product from the recommended list.

Reviewing Products with Your Customer


Products listed on the Recommendation Engine have been carefully vetted through the Seal of Inclusivity, a set of principles we’ve developed to evaluate the products and services and ensure safety, security, accessibility and inclusivity. We're always vetting and adding new products, so check back often!

Click on the logos to get to the Product Information page for each Product.

The Product Information page gives you a snapshot of the most important things you need to know about a product including the link to access the product’s website, the mission and description of the product, key features about the product and insider tips that may be particularly helpful for practitioners.

The Seal of Inclusivity:

Click on the Seal of Inclusivity box on the Recommendation Engine landing page to learn more about the Seal of Inclusivity.

The Seal of Inclusivity is the set of principles that were developed to vet the fintech products and services that are included in the Recommendation Engine. You can read more about the Seal and the standards by which products and services are held to as a condition of being listed.


Let us know what you think of the Recommendation Engine! Click on the white message box at the bottom of every page to provide your feedback!

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