As a manager, MANAGE allows you to manage your organization's users on Change Machine.

Add New User

If you want to allocate an available Change Machine license to a staff member, you may do that within the MANAGE platform area.

1. Visit MANAGE.

2. Click Organizations on the left sidebar.

3. Then, click on your organization's name.

4. Click the appropriate "New" button depending on the type of license you'd like to provide to your staff member.

  • To provide a Coach license to a coach, click on the "New Coach" button.
  • To provide a Manager license to a fellow manager, click on the "New Manager" button.
  • Click on the inverted triangle button for a list of other types of licenses that may apply to your organization.

Clicking on one of the "New" buttons will direct you to the relevant user registration page in a new tab.

Then, provide this link to your staff so that they can sign up for a Change Machine account. Alternatively, you may also enter your staff's first name, last name, and email address yourself.

Tip: If you run out of licenses, contact us through the tech support conversation bubble on the bottom-right corner to purchase additional licenses.

Deactivate User

To deactivate a user, simply send a message to Tech Support via the Tech Support Question Mark on the bottom-right of Change Machine.

Tip: Once the user has been deactivated by tech support. That license will be available for another user using your organization specific user registration links above.

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