The "Details" tab is used to record additional demographic information; edit or delete customer information; attach notes or files to the customer; and delete the customer.

Add or edit customer's information

1. Go to the "Details" tab

Click on the "Details" tab when in a customer's profile page to view the customer's details.

2. Click the "Edit" button

You may change the customer's name, who the primary coach is, and other personal information.

To add or edit more demographic information, click on the "Open Intake" button.

This will take you to the Demographics tab in the Intake page, where you can edit more demographic information for your customer.

Once done, scroll all the way down and click "Save and Continue" or "Save and Close" to save the edits you have made.

Archive a customer

You can manually archive a customer by updating their coaching status on the customer details tab. We recommend archiving customers who have not engaged with your program for a long time or who explicitly indicated they no longer wish to receive your services. These customers can then be excluded from reports or program engagement efforts.

1. Go to the "Details" tab for a customer and click the "Edit" buttonĀ 

2. Update the Coaching Status field from "Active" to "Archived"

To unarchive a customer, simply change the Coaching Status back to "Active."

3. Click Save button

Tip: Archived customers will not be returned by the Find Customers search bar on the Change Machine home page or appear in the customers list when Active is selected.

Delete a Customer

If you want to delete a customer, you can do so by visiting the customer's Details tab.

Then, click on the "Delete" button on the top-right. Scroll down a little and click "Yes" when prompted.

Switching the Action Plan and dynamic worksheet printouts' language to Spanish

Some of the customers you see may prefer to speak in Spanish. If so, toggle their language preference in the Details tab between English and Spanish.

Switching the language preference to Spanish will switch the Action Plan and the dynamic worksheet printouts to that language.

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