In a customer's profile page, click on the Credit tab on the left sidebar.

This is where you can track a customer's credit progress over time. You may enter a customer's FICO score along with information on which credit report has been pulled.

Establishing a credit score for the first time (i.e. not 0 or 1) or increasing a customer's credit score increases the customer's Cash Value.

How to Enter FICO Score

If you have the customer's Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) score, enter it in the "FICO Score" field. Only FICO scores should be entered in this field.

You may enter a score of 0 or 1, or anywhere between 300 - 850 inclusive.

  • 0 means that you have attempted to retrieve the credit score, but the customer did not have a credit file.
  • 1 means that you have attempted to retrieve the credit score, but the customer had insufficient credit to generate a score.

As there are thousands of types of credit scores, there is not a single scale that accurately represents all credit scores. However, the following scale can be a general guide:

  • 579 or less: lenders view you as a very risky borrower
  • 580 - 669: some lenders will approve loans with this score
  • 670 - 739: most lenders consider this a good score
  • 740 - 799: lenders view you as a very dependable borrower
  • 800+: lenders view you as an exceptional borrower

Tracking FICO Score Over Time

If you have seen the same customer over several meetings and have entered data in those meetings, you will be able to see historical information over time.

  1. Click on the FICO Score field
  2. A detailed pane of information will appear on the right side

This pane displays the historical FICO score from past meetings.

In the table of historical data, click on the "Score" column to edit data for past FICO scores.

How to Track a Credit Report

When you or your customer has pulled a credit report, click on the "New Report" button.

  • Agency: select one of the three credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion.
  • Meeting: select the meeting date that you've discussed pulling a credit report with your customer.
  • Date Pulled: select the date you or your customer has pulled the credit report.
  • Review Results: select what has been identified after reviewing the credit report. You may choose “no dispute”, “outdated/incorrect information”, or “identity theft.”
  • Pulled By: select who pulled the customer’s credit report. You may choose “customer”, “coach”, or “together”.

How to Edit or Delete a Report

Click on an existing tracked report.

To edit a report, click the "Edit" button. To delete a report, click the "Delete" button.

Printing the Credit Dynamic Worksheet

Clicking the "Print" button at the bottom of the Credit dynamic worksheet will enable you to print a summary of the credit reports and the latest credit score entered in the dynamic worksheet.

Depending on your customer's language preference selected within the customer's Details tab, the language on the printout will be in either English or Spanish.

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