For each customer you've added to Change Machine, you may manage past, current and future meetings for the customer through the Meetings tab.

Meetings are divided into two types:

  • Pending Meetings: future meetings that have yet to be activated as an attended meeting.
  • Activated Meetings: current and past meetings where their status is "Attended."

Adding a New Meeting

Navigate to the Meetings tab, and click on the "New Meeting" button.

Date: select the meeting date you'd like to create. To preserve data integrity, a meeting date before the first meeting cannot be selected.

Time: select the meeting time you'd like to create in intervals of 15 minutes.

Duration: select the duration of the meeting from 15 minutes – 180 minutes. You may also choose to specify the exact number of minutes for the meeting using the "Specify minutes" option and assign time to these categories:

  • Goals
  • Assets
  • Banking
  • Credit
  • Debt
  • Taxes
  • Other


  • In-person: the meeting is conducted face-to-face with the customer.
  • Phone call: the meeting is conducted over a phone call.
  • Out-of-meeting progress: data entry is conducted without being in contact with the customer. For example, when you pull the customer's latest credit score and want to enter it into Change Machine without having to communicate with the customer.

Site: the location where coaching takes place. This list can be configured by your manager in MANAGE.

Coach met with: the coach who is currently seeing the customer for this meeting, who need not be the Primary Coach.

Active Goal: select a goal among the active goals a customer may have that the customer wants to prioritize. The goal that you select will then appear in the Customer Dashboard under "Active Goal."


  • Pending: the meeting is scheduled in the future and has not been activated.
  • Attended: the customer has attended the meeting.
  • No Show: the customer did not attend the meeting and did not contact you to reschedule.
  • Rescheduled: the customer has contacted you before the meeting to reschedule the meeting.
  • Notes: general notes that you may have for the meeting may be entered here.

Editing a Meeting

To edit a meeting in the Meetings tab, select a meeting that has been created and click on the "Edit" button.

All fields are editable, except for the "Date" field in order to preserve data integrity.

Tip: If you need to change the date of a meeting, contact tech support through the question mark bubble on the bottom-right corner of Change Machine.

Adding or Updating Survey

If the Financial Capability Scale survey was not completed during the initial intake or you're interested to have your customer complete it for a specific meeting, you may access the survey through these steps:

  1. In a customer's profile page, click on the Meetings tab on the left sidebar.
  2. Then, select a meeting you'd like to add survey responses to.
  3. Click on the "Add Survey" button (if survey responses have not been added yet) or "Update Survey" button (if the survey responses have already been added).

Adding a Meeting Reminder

If you haven't added a new meeting for today's date, Change Machine will prompt you to add a new meeting.

Click "Use Current Meeting" if you plan to continue using the existing meeting's date, or click "Add New Meeting" if you'd like to add a new meeting.

Updating Current Meeting Status

When you access a customer's profile when today's date = the latest meeting date, you will see the following pop-up prompt:

In the right column, you may choose to change the status of the meeting to any of the following:

  • Pending
  • Attended
  • No Show
  • Rescheduled
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