Once you’ve completed (or skipped) the customer intake or anytime that you open a customer, you will visit the Action Plan tab:

Starter Actions

By default, you’ll see six starter actions tiles in the “On Deck” column. There is one starter action from each of the six financial security areas (Goals, Assets, Banking, Credit, Debt and Taxes). These are mere suggestions of the first few things you can work on with your customer. 

Moving an Action Tile

You can drag and drop any of these Action tiles to the respective column, depending on what you’re currently working on with your customer.

  • “Next Check-In” column: Actions that you’ll be working on with your customer in your next meeting with him or her.
  • “Doing” column: what you or your customer are currently working on, between this meeting and the next meeting.
  • “Done” column: an Action that your customer has completed.

Adding a New Action Tile

Clicking on the “New Action” button allows you to add new Action tiles to your customer’s Action Plan:

Adding Notes to An Action Tile

Hover over an Action Tile that you'd like to add notes to, then click on the "Open" button that appears.

  • The "Learn more about this action" link brings you directly to that lesson's content in LEARN.
  • The "Go to worksheet" link leads to the relevant dynamic worksheet in COACH.
  • The “Customer Notes” field is where you can type in notes for your customers (perhaps a reminder that they’ll have to fill up a worksheet, track their budget, or contact their creditor).
  • The “Coach Notes” field is where coaches can type in notes for themselves as a reminder.
  • Under "Related Tools", you may see a list of relevant tools that are associated to that Action.

Tip: If the Action Tile is in the “Doing” column, anything typed into the “Customer Notes” or “Coach Notes” field will appear in the printable Action Plan.

Deleting an Action Tile

To delete an Action Tile, hover over the Action Tile you'd like to delete and click on the "Notes" button.

Spanish Action Plan

To switch to a Spanish Action Plan, visit the customer's Details tab and toggle the language preference to Spanish.

Then, visit the Action Plan tab on the left navigation bar.

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