The Customer Dashboard shows the current progress of your customer.

To see the Customer Dashboard, visit COACH and click through your customer's name. The Customer Dashboard should appear at the top of the page.

  • Name: your customer's name should appear in a large font at the top.
  • Envelope icon: once your customer's email address has been entered, you may click on the envelope icon to email your customer directly from Change Machine and include a PDF of your customer's action plan.
  • Telephone icon: once your customer's phone number has been entered, you may click on the telephone icon to display the customer's phone number
  • Customer number: each customer you enter into Change Machine is assigned a number. You may use this customer number when contacting Tech Support about a customer-specific issue, in order to protect the privacy of your customer.
  • Primary coach: when you add a customer for the first time, you will be assigned as the primary coach. 

To change the primary coach to someone else, click on the primary coach's name. Then, select another coach's name from the dropdown list.

  • Active meeting: the latest activated meeting date.
  • Cash Value: the Clinic's metric to quantify the benefits customers receive from financial coaching.
  • Print button: clicking on the Print button allows you to choose between three options:Just Action Plan: print the action plan onlyAdd Tipsheets: print the action plan along with the Action's related tipsheetsAdd Trackers: print the action plan along with the related worksheet printout
  • Presenting Issue: the customer's answer to the assessment question, "What brought you in today?"
  • Active Goal: the customer's goal that he or she is currently focusing on.
  • Total Debt: the customer's latest debt balance that was entered into the Debt dynamic worksheets.
  • Total Bank Balances: the customer's latest bank account balance that was entered into the Assets - Balances dynamic worksheet.
  • Auto Deduct Amount: the customer's latest automatic deduction to a savings account that was entered during initial assessment or into the Asset dynamic worksheet.
  • Credit Score: the latest FICO Score that was entered into the Credit dynamic worksheet.
  • Monthly Bank Fees: the latest total financial transaction costs that were entered into the Banking dynamic worksheet.
  • Total Outcomes: the total number of behavioral outcomes that the customer has achieved.

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