Accessing the Toolbox

To access the Coach Toolbox, click on COACH on the top bar, followed by Toolbox on the left sidebar.

The Toolbox contains all tipsheets and worksheets that exist in the platform. These tools are designed for coaches to print or share electronically with their customers.

  • Tipsheets: informational fact sheets on a variety of financial topics
  • Worksheets: tools for customers to work on, either in their own time or with your support

Finding a Tool in the Toolbox

There are different methods you can use to look for a specific tool in the Toolbox.

  1. Search Bar: Type a few keywords that may be used in the tipsheets or worksheets. This narrows down options to ones that may be relevant to you.
  2. Filters: You may use the provided filters to refine your search.
  3. Sections: Goals, Assets, Banking, Credit, Debt or Taxes
  4. Types: Tipsheets or Worksheets
  5. Paths: Re-Entry or Workforce
  6. Languages: Spanish
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