If you have a Coach license, visiting the COACH link will bring you to the "Customers" tab by default.

Customer List

From the "Customers" tab, you'll be able to view the list of customers you've coached, including practice customers you've created.

  • Search bar: type in the first few letters and the platform will narrow down the list of customers to ones that match your search terms
  • Filtered by:
  • Customers:
  • My Customers: customers whom you're the Primary Coach of
  • All Customers: customers whom you and other coaches within your organization have coached.

    If you have a Network license, you'll also see all customers from organizations within your network.
  • Status:
  • Active: customers who have not been marked as archived
  • Archived: customers who have been marked as archived
  • All Statuses: a combination of both active and archived customers
  • Name: the last name and first name of the customer
  • Number: the customer ID generated by Change Machine associated with the customer. Should you wish to contact tech support about a specific customer, you may provide this customer ID to Change Machine's tech support team.
  • Total Meetings: the total number of activated meetings you've had with the customer.
  • Total Cash Value: the total Cash Value the customer has earned.
  • Active Meeting: the latest activated meeting date you've had with the customer.
  • Date Created: the date you added the customer into Change Machine.

You may also click on the "Name", "Number", "Total Meetings", "Total Cash Value", "Active Meeting", and "Date Created" column headers to sort the list of customers in ascending or descending order.

Tip: Want to know which customers you have the most meetings with? Click on the "Total Meetings" column to sort by descending order.

Archiving Customers

To archive a customer, visit the customer's profile page. Then click on the "Details" tab on the left sidebar, followed by "Open in a New Window."

Under the "Coaching Status" field, select the dropdown list and click on "Archived". Then, click the "Save" button.

Tip: If you have a Manager license, you may segregate data in reports by filtering out active or archived customers.

Opening a Customer Profile Page

If you've already created a customer, click on the customer's name to open the customer's profile page.

Otherwise, to add a new customer, follow the instructions here.

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